Friday, November 26, 2010

A Shout Out

I have to give a shout out to D.L. Schiller Photography today...

Many moons ago, I asked my brother-in-law, Dan, if he would be willing to take family pictures for us over Thanksgiving week while we were in Wisconsin visiting our families (which is now).  He agreed and after watching his fall pictures unfold on Facebook, I had become increasingly excited about having our family pictures taken by him.

Fast forward to this last week, and the weather was looking okay for today... highs in the 30s... not any cooler than last Thursday with Julia's 3-year-pictures... I figured we would be fine.  Never mind that Adam and I still didn't have outfits and I was waffling regarding what the girls should wear.

Then, the weather took a little turn... for the worse.  As of last night, predictions for today was in the teens with the windchill bringing the temp into the single and sometimes negative digits.

However, when I want pictures taken, I am a trooper and I bring my troops (my family) right along with me.  (Sorry, Adam, Julia, and Raven!)  We braved the weather today without coats for our pictures and had a fantastic photo shoot with Dan and his assistant and wife, Claire.  The shoot was so much fun, even up to the last few minutes when Raven melted down and decided she was Done.  We warmed up in the car in between shots where we equally had fun with the girls while Julia sang songs, Raven danced, and Julia attempted to drive the car.  (Ha, and I forgot that I cannot get myself out of the backseat... WHOOPS!)

For me, it was so much fun and amazing... the park was great (Cherokee County Park by Colby, WI), there was snow on the ground... we managed to pull some outfits together... I was really happy with how it all turned out.  Dan gave us a sneak peek on his camera and my appetite is surely whetted for the finished results.  He also took some great pictures of Adam and I in Adam's folks' backyard after we got back from the shoot (the girls were in need of a nap).

All in all, despite the cold, it was enjoyable and fun and the results that I have seen so far are wonderful and amazing!  Yay!  Great job, Dan!


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