Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving today, a day that reminds us to be thankful for all that is in our lives.  I thought I would take a few moments and post about the people who I am thankful for in my life... if I have forgotten you and you think I should be thankful for you, let me know!  *snort*  Most likely I am.  *grin*

Today I am thankful for...

... my husband, Adam... he knows me, he knows how to love me, and he knows how to get my goat.  Suffice it to say, he knows me.  And yet, he keeps me.  Imagine that?  Adam is also an amazing father... when I see him with his kids... I fall in love with him all over again.  He works hard to take care of his family, but he also knows when to trust and let things be.  It takes a big man to step back and let faith take over.
... my children, Julia and Raven... for anyone who thinks that I'm high-strung now... you should have met me before I had kids.  They have taught me to roll with life a lot more, to be laid back more than I was before.  They have taught me to love and care in new ways I never knew imaginable.  They have taught me to think like a child again... and to think about how to approach things in new ways.  They laugh and they cry and they tug at my heart each day with their smiles and their sighs.  And thanks to my kids, I've learned how to get down at their level so that I can find where they stash toys.  Hee, hee!  (It isn't a surprise anymore when I open my kitchen cupboards and toys come tumbling out.)

... my friends... it is hard to list friends here and not feel like I've left someone out, so I will be general and say, "my friends".  You should know who you are.  These are the ladies I can go to daily to laugh, complain, cry, and generally have in my life as pseudo-sisters.  Many of them know me like my husband knows me, but they know me as a woman.  There is so much to be thankful for in that, especially since so many of them are far away from me, and yet I am able to stay connected to them.  Along with "my friends"... who most people think of as "in real life" friends, I need to plug my "online" friends as well... they have been a huge force in my life especially in raising my children.

... which leads me to say, I am thankful for... the Internet.  The Internet has it's pluses and negatives, but it is the thread that keeps us connected to our family and our friends.  I still write the occasional letter, the things like email, chat, Facebook, Skype... they have allowed me to renew friendships, maintain friendships, and grow in love with our family.
... my mother-in-law, Marcia... she is loving, kind, honest, and truthful... if you ask her opinion, she will give it to you, but not menacingly, and she typically always has a story to go along with it.  She is an amazing Buscha to her granddaughters (and grandson), she very obviously loves and cares for her sons and daughter, has a big place in her heart for her husband, and generally always thinks more of others around her than she thinks about herself.  She also knows how to peel a mean potato.  Heh.  Love you, Marcia!

... my parents... were it not for them, I would not be the person I am today, for better or for worse.  I have come to accept who I am in them, and that has led to a more blessed life as I inch my way through my 30s.  They are loving grandparents, always willing to travel, always willing to help, and are first to take care of their children when they are in need, even if means making life harder for themselves to do so.  They are giving people... always willing to give of themselves. 

... my sister... whenever I need a good laugh or to be told how it is, I can always turn to my sister.  It is wonderful to be a sister and to have a sister.  I am so thankful that my two daughters will be able to experience the ups and downs of sisterhood.  Melissa has been a force in my life without even knowing it, and she does (hopefully) know that there isn't much I wouldn't do for her.  I am excited to welcome a new baby into the family soon, as my sister is due in January.  She can be hard, but she is also overflowing with love, as is apparent with her children and her nieces.

... my coworkers... many people would agree that much of makes work livable is their coworkers, and I would have to agree with that.  Personally, I do enjoy my work and my job, but my coworkers significantly increase the joy that I have in work.  I am thankful to have known so many of these people for almost a decade... many for less than that... but they always take any pain out of working, and for that I am very thankful.  I actually do look forward to going to work.

That is all for now... time to start prepping for Thanksgiving (if I can be of any help!) and also do a little work today...

love you, and know, I am thankful for YOU too!


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Jake said...

Very nice...well thought out! Happy Thanksgiving Erin!