Saturday, November 13, 2010

Raven is 14 months old!

My, my, how the time has flown!  Raven is 14 months old already!

I am still without a camera, so the pictures are less than stellar, but maybe you can tell that Raven is quite mischievous and a little ham. 

She loves eggs for breakfast, is a walking fool, and already knows how to "tattle" on her big sister (in the form of a squawk).

I had a thought last night... my heart was breaking at the thought of moving and the girls potentially needing to go to a daycare center until we found a comfortable in-home daycare... the thought that broke my heart... thinking that the girls wouldn't see each other all day every day like they do.  Right now there isn't a day that goes by that they don't spend together... they are always in each other's business, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, but they are learning and growing together, and it feels so good and so right.

At any rate... this is about Raven!  Since her first birthday, she popped out a few teeth and now has four on top and two on the bottom and I swear each day by the amount of drool that comes out of her face that she is still teething.  She drinks sippy cups at daycare all day but mommy indulges her with nap and bedtime bottles still.

She still isn't saying any words, though she "talks" a lot these days.  She knows what the moon is (SO cute, if you ask her where the moon is, she finds it inn the sky and points to it).  She knows who mom and dad and Julia are, she knows who she is, and that's the most that matters to her these days.  She loves being set free to walk outside, and has been found elbow deep in ashes (a "next day" fire pit)... knee deep in leaves with a fistful headed towards her mouth.  Thankfully she still loves taking baths and I think her favorite part of it is running away from mommy naked and peeking around the corner.  You should hear the laughter come out of her then!

We are so thankful for our little beauty... Love you, Raven!


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