Friday, November 19, 2010

All About Raven

Poor Raven doesn't get near enough attention on this here blog, so I am rectifying that tonight a mite by posting about some of her latest accomplishments.

This has been a big week for Raven, most notably because she has gone back to sounding like a goose.  (Ha, not really, I mean, yes, she sounds like a goose, but that is not her biggest accomplishment for the week.)

This week Raven has learned to...

... wave good night (SO cute)...
... pick up a book when asked to do so (which signifies she knows what a book is now... yay!)...
... points to the moon when we are outside and points outside up into the sky when we are in the house when you say, "Where is the moon, Raven?"...
... go down the stairs (both on her belly AND on her butt, much to Mommy's horror!)...
... walk up to six blocks.

Raven has made a few mimics at waving in the past, but tonight when Adam said, "Good night, Raven!" and waved at her, she waved back.
Regarding a few of these... earlier this week when I brought the girls home from daycare, Julia said, "Mommy, look at the moon!"  Raven, in my arms, cranes her body around and says, "ooooh!" and points her finger up at the moon.  I was speechless.  We haven't been teaching her this.  Maybe Julia has.

Both Adam and I have been working with her on the stairs... and I realized she knew how to do it when I went to find her yesterday and I found her on her way down to the basement!

And, the six blocks... Miss Amy took the girls for a walk (I think last week) and she had Raven walk as far as she could... and she ended up walking the whole thing, about six blocks.  I guess she napped like crazy that afternoon.

Raven has also discovered the Christmas tree, much to my consternation... egads, that child will be the death of me yet.  Yesterday while we were working with the realtor, Raven walked into the living room with my airplane German glass-blown ornament and threw it onto the floor... she thought the crashing sound was fantastic.  We have already started her with mini timeouts to try and mitigate the tree situation.

As you can see from the pictures, Raven also loves her little Dora couch (especially when she gets to play on it when Julia isn't around), loves to ham around, and yes, loves to climb into the dishwasher.  That's my girl!  One of these days I'll teach her to put them away instead of pulling them out of the cupboard.


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