Monday, October 29, 2012

The Perfect Storm

So I hear that out east this week, that “perfect storm” of hurricane meets winter is happening.  Many prayers and good thoughts to those enduring said storm… while we have our share of weird and wacky weather in the Midwest (growing up) and in Colorado, I really can’t imagine having to deal with a winter storm AND a hurricane at the same time.  Well, I can imagine having to deal with a hurricane, period.

That being said, we’re experiencing our own perfect storm in our house here in Colorado.  While I don’t want to complain, at the same time I use this blog as a means to capture the happenings in our lives, and pretty much, this blog is my kids’ baby book (the horror!!!), and therefore this post is more for me than anyone else and I’ll “cry if I want to”.

It seems that in the last week, we’ve hit a number of “milestones” with Anna that have turned into a roadblock of sorts. 

For one, Anna’s second tooth has made its appearance (yay, and ugh!).  She isn’t terrible with teething, but one can tell it bothers her.  Second, I’ve been producing less and less milk requiring us to supplement with formula more and more.  Last week we switched brands… and it appears that BabyZilla has come to visit just in time for Halloween.  We’re switching back in hopes that it helps.  And, of course, the more she grows and learns, the harder it is to keep her asleep for long stretches at night as she learns to move around her crib and get stuck, bang her hand, bang her feet, etc.

I know that it’s a season and it too shall pass.  I am enjoying the extra cuddles and the occasional baby giggles.  However, I’m simply not sleeping well.  At all.  Today I worked from home because I got so little sleep that I couldn’t function this morning.  It’s not bad when it’s a night here and there, but due to work and Anna, I’ve had one good night of sleep in the last three weeks.  And, Anna came home from daycare today because she was so ornery they couldn’t figure out what to do with her.  Honestly.  They wondered if she was sick or something because she wouldn’t eat (she has come to detest the bottle again now that the formula switch has taken place) and she couldn’t be put down.  So, I’m hoping that one of these “issues” of hers shakes out soon… hopefully the switch back to the original formula helps… or something.

Here is where I would put a picture of her two teeth – which I think we managed to get a picture of this last weekend – but we were a big camera trigger happy this weekend and there is a lot to cull through to find a good one… here’s hoping for some time to blog pictures later this week!

Happy Monday!


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