Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ummm... where to start.
Well, it seems that every time my friend Stacey comes to visit (yay, Stacey!), she gets put to work.

Today Stacey and I took a class in beginning spinning at the Iowa Sheep & Wool Festival in Adel, Iowa.  We took the class with my friend Chrissy... SO FUN!  We all know what we want for Christmas.
About halfway through the class, Adam called me.  Apparently (FOR THE FIRST TIME), we had water in our basement.  He was trying to figure out how to soak it up and had already (seemingly) fixed the problem... the gutters were clogged.  By noon he figured he had done what he could with the wet vac and decided to head out of town with the girls... something that was already in the plans... and I was hoping to come home to a basement well on it's way to drying out.
Not so, as you can see from the pictures.  After a bit of investigating, Stacey and I had found that the water had wicked into multiple places in the room... requiring mass quantity of furniture moves and basically a COMPLETE UPHEAVAL of our basement.  I can only wonder what Adam is going to say when he gets home tonight... it's been described to him, but I don't think anyone can begin to understand WHAT we did/felt we had to do without seeing it in person... big pieces of furniture are out in the garage (i.e., we took apart the entertainment center because we realized it was becoming water logged and the carpet was soaked underneath)... the TV and sound system have been completely dismantled... my "work desk" is a storage place and I have moved the internet router and computer upstairs... basically, we have one big mess. 
Between Adam, Stacey, and I, we soaked up at least 60 gallons of water today, if not more.  Fans and dehumidifiers are running... Stacey and I needed a break after working our tails off for at least 5 hours...
Here's hoping and praying that the carpet dries out and that the drywall doesn't suffer... and that the rain stays away... ack.

Anyway... so there is the excitement for our weekend!  I have to wonder if Stacey will ever come back again...


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