Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cucumbers and Tomatoes and Snap Peas, Oh, My!

And green beans and raspberries and gladiolus...

This spring I installed a raised bed over our very-sad-state old garden and we had a dump truck of dirt dropped on the new raised bed... it took a few days of severe miscommunication to explain that we didn't have a means of picking up the dirt... at any rate, it finally showed up and Adam took a picture of it.  How crazy to have a dump truck drive right up and dump the dirt out.

Today I took a picture of my plants... they are happy and doing well!  I am even diligent about weeding and watering... this is new for me... I am not much of a gardener but am trying this year because I know that there are a lot of benefits from fresh produce.  It will be fun to have some fresh veggies later this summer.  Yay!


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