Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Little Bit of This and That

Julia lost her 4th tooth tonight!  She wiggled and wiggled that sucker until at about 9 PM, she came proudly out of her room and shows off her very bloody tooth and Kleenex.  She was a happy cat.  And the Tooth Fairy did NOT forget tonight.  WOOHOO!

(No picture, of J today, and I figured you didn’t want to see a nasty tooth.)

(By the way, Grandmas, don’t pay any attention to the kids if they tell you to brush your teeth more… for some reason the kids were intent on “Grandmas don’t have any teeth and why not?” even though their Grandmas both have teeth.  So what the…? What?  Kids.  We told them that if they brushed their teeth a lot, they would be Grandmas some day with teeth.  Who knows.)

(And Julia asked me today when Adam would be a Grandpa.  Kids.  They are crazy.  I told her when she or one of her sisters had a baby, then Adam would be a Grandpa.  Thankfully that appeased her.)

Raven found this FANTASTIC helmet today at Wal-Mart.  And, coincidentally, we have had quite the loopy week at work which has resulted in the phrase “Unicorns unite!” (long story).  I told Adam about this story (which involves lots of “talking with ones hands”), and he sent this to me while I was at work this morning.  TOO FUNNY.  Raven is now our work mascot.

unicorn raven

We celebrated life today with a trip to a new brewery (St. Patrick’s south of town that did NOT disappoint) and dinner out in Littleton.  Anna, our little copy cat, was having a good ol’ time and followed Raven across the rocks on our way out of the brewery.  Why walk on a perfectly good sidewalk when you can follow your older sister through the rocks to get to the van?


My apologies – if you’re a blog follower but not a FB follower, you probably don’t see Anna around much – and you might be surprised by her size!  I’m pretty certain that she’ll blow me out of the water at her two year appointment… tall, blond, and a big ol’ noggin like her mama.  Better to hold all the smarts in.  Hee, hee!

Happy Sunday!


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