Monday, May 2, 2011

First Day of "School"

Julia and Raven have been at the Goddard School for approximately two weeks now... and while drop-off seems to have gotten worse instead of better (eek!), I have no doubt that they are receiving quality care during the day. 
Each day I receive an activities sheet letting me know what they did, how they ate, when they napped, etc.  I'm glad to see that the girls are eating their lunches well, and it seems that they are integrating into their classrooms well (and have even taken to napping in a large group setting okay as well too!).
The above picture is from their first day (Thank you, Angela, for taking the pictures, because this Mama was too out of her mind that morning to remember).
I think that in time they will get better with the drop-off, and it will also help for them to go to school in the morning a little later as well.  Right now, because Adam isn't here yet, they are going to school at 7 am and being picked up at 5:15 pm... that makes for a long day for them... more so, an early morning... and I think that they are not getting as much sleep as they were used to getting.  (However, trying earlier bedtime isn't really helping either... oh, well!  We'll get there!)
This week is Teacher Appreciation week, so I might should think about that for more than 30 seconds... I just found an email about it buried 3/4 of the way down my email list... whoops!  I've been short on time for "extracurriculars" and spend about 30 minutes each night reading before bed or watching a show with Aunt Chris to "deflate".  Looking forward to being a family again soon and finding a groove.

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