Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful Morning

Today when I stepped out of the apartment, a ray of sunlight shot my eye out.  (Okay, not really, but that's what it felt like.)  It was awesome to see the sun today, but what was really cool was the low blanket of clouds and the sun just peeking through the clouds from the east.
So I got in the truck and turned down W 123rd to hit my main road, and oh, my, goodness, if the sun peeking through the clouds was gorgeous, you should have seen that sun hitting the mountains... the mountains who were thisclose to being completely enveloped by the clouds... it was awe inspiring.
Add to that the song that I posted yesterday (City Harmonic - Manifesto) was playing on the radio... wow, yah, what an AWESOME way to start the morning!
And, it didn't stop... even though my drive to/fro work is completely traffic filled and I spend about 1.5 hours total in the car every day, it is an awesome time of praise and worship... here's a new one for today... another Kristian Stanfill-led song... The Stand... (Adam pointed out to me last night that Kristian Stanfill doesn't necessary write all of the songs we might hear him sing, but seeing as he was/is a worship leader at a large church, he's fairly well known for his worship leading skills... check this one out because, MAN, this song makes my heart leap into my throat...)

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