Monday, March 28, 2011

Enjoy this day!

What a great additive to an email I received today...!  What a great reminder!
Despite the fact that our lives are whirl-windish right now... I have things that I am bursting at the seams to talk about but I cannot yet... my youngest is "sick" with a cold and had a fever over the weekend and I am waiting for the call to come from daycare to pick her up... my oldest seems to be developing this same cold... my husband is gone for six weeks, and this time with no visits to be had... the weather is much colder than I would like... the house still hasn't sold...
Despite these things, there is not reason NOT to enjoy this day!  I'm taking one moment to relish the day... today is a day that we've been so blessed to still be on this earth, to have the opportunity to love others and do good and try to make a difference... despite the circumstances that would steer us otherwise in our lives.
I hope you enjoy this day too!
(Thanks, Rita, for the blessed note in your email today!)


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