Saturday, April 12, 2014

Soul Soothing

Today I was planning to go see the CML speaker at the Rocky Mountain Blood Cancer Conference, but on our way home from ballet today, I decided that a family day would be a much better alternative…

… it’s been… four weeks?  Five weeks?  Since I’ve had a full day off… and between traveling and 70+ hours a week of work… and the Craft Brewers’ Conference… we really needed to have a family day.

We decided to head to Estes Park; about half the way there, we met a detour, and thought we might go to Nederland instead, but I was driving and Estes had been long awaiting us, so off we went.  Thank goodness for the detour… we came across The Chapel on the Rock near Estes.  We pulled off for some photos and a quick peek inside.

The Chapel on the Rock with Mt. Meeker behind.

2014-04-12 chapel_on_the_rock (1)

2014-04-12 chapel_on_the_rock (4)

Sneaking a snack from dad in the trees.

2014-04-12 chapel_on_the_rock (18)

The girls climbing the chapel rock.

2014-04-12 chapel_on_the_rock (36)

2014-04-12 chapel_on_the_rock (37)

Little Miss

2014-04-12 chapel_on_the_rock (42)

The stained glass window inside:

2014-04-12 chapel_on_the_rock (66)


2014-04-12 chapel_on_the_rock (69)

We enjoyed a walk in Estes along the river walk.  Afterwards, we decided to head to Nederland… but it eluded us again when we missed a turn.  We ended up back in Boulder and ate dinner at a Nepali restaurant, and then enjoyed a pint at Bru (yum!).  Looking forward to going back there for dinner sometime. 

It was a nice drive and a nice day… I even enjoyed a much needed nap in the car.  We got home just in time to put the girls to bed… all around a great afternoon with the family.


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