Friday, January 10, 2014

Lost Tooth!

Julia lost her third tooth on January 1st while visiting family; her tooth had been loose for about a month but it simply took rough housing with her sisters to finally knock it out.

Thankfully after a few minutes of poking around, we found the tooth in the blankets, and mom stored it away so that when we got home, the Tooth Fairy could come and visit (because the Tooth Fairy didn’t know where we were… and the Tooth Fairy’s stash is in mom’s dresser).

2014-01-01 lost tooth

Unfortunately the night we got home, the Tooth Fairy was so tired that she completely forgot about the Tooth Pillow in Julia’s bed, and JayJay wasn’t very happy when she woke up in the morning.  But, Mom and Julia wrote the Tooth Fairy a note and wouldn’t you know, while Mom was putting away laundry, the Tooth Fairy showed up!  Julia was SOOOO excited!

Not too many days later, Julia announced that BOTH of her top two teeth are loose… she is SOOOO excited to lose them!


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