Monday, September 9, 2013

Rules for Kindy

Julia is 1.5 weeks into Kindergarten, and on Day 5, Mom and Dad learned the class rules.

Work Hard

Be Nice

Be Safe

Lincoln Academy practices Core Knowledge Curriculum and these rules are tenants for Kindergarten.  Julia already has them down pat, and we are working on how they apply to home life, and not just school life.


Ways we work on that at home… we work hard on our homework – Mrs. G said she’d send it back home to be worked if it was obvious that it was rushed… we work hard on learning new words, helping parents, and performing tasks around the home.  We are nice to our sisters… which usually isn’t a problem for Julia, but is always something that can be improved on.  Moreover, we use nice language with our parents – please and thank you.  And, being safe – this is one that we’ll have to research a little bit… for example, there is a difference between tattling and ensuring that our family members are safe… and, perhaps we need to reinforce that more, as Julia immediately starts to tattle when one of the girls writes on herself or eats a crayon… but thought nothing about Raven and Anna going outside (IN THE FRONT YARD, NO LESS) by themselves yesterday morning while I was in the shower.  Eek!


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