Sunday, March 31, 2013

This Girl…

… surprises us more and more each day.

Last weekend she showed true perseverance – she would NOT give up.  We had a large amount of freshly fallen snow, and Julia was determined to make a snowman.

However, we don’t have very wet snow here.  We received one snowfall this year that *might* have produced a snowman, but this last weekend’s wasn’t it.

Julia first tried to build a big ball.  I shouted outside, “Are you okay?”  She responded, “It’s okay, mommy, I’ll just make a baby snowman.”  After another 10 minutes of trying to roll miniature balls of snow, she came barreling up to the screen door!  “I need a carrot!  I need buttons!”  I asked her if she had her snowman done and she said, “Well, mommy, today I decided I was making a snowman angel.”  She had cleared the snow in the shape of a snowman and “flapped” his arms, and took the carrot and buttons and laid them out.  Very proud of her creation, and the girl finally got her snowman.

(Julia found a button today from last week’s creation – we haven’t had snow since Monday or Tuesday.  Here’s a picture.)

2013-03-31 egg hunt (23) 

Yesterday we took Julia to get her ears pierced after months of building up her marble jar.  Suffice to say I was nervous the whole way there because I was certain she would scream and we’d have to hold her down to do the second one.  However, she was brave and strong, and not only did she not flinch (her pupils changing size was the only indication of discomfort), she never cried – not a single tear.  This girl couldn’t be more proud of her new Hello Kitty earrings.

(Our brave girl before and then with her new earrings.)

2013-03-30 earrings 1

2013-03-30 earrings

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