Friday, November 16, 2012

Anna’s 6 Month Checkup

I took Anna for her 6 month checkup today.  Developmentally she’s doing well, though we need to work on her sitting.  She proved once again to be a happy baby and handled her shots well.

However, we were told today that she hadn’t gained as much weight as they would like.  She only gained 7 oz and I guess that’s not enough – it dropped her to 47th percentile, even though her height (27.5”) is at 96th percentile.



We go back in two weeks for a weight check to see if she’s gained weight.  Here’s hoping!

Anna is almost exclusively on formula now.  After a couple of tough weeks at work and coming home late, I was pumping less and less and nursing less and less.  We’re down to one nursing session a day and otherwise Anna is drinking formula.

We did start her on oatmeal a few weeks ago and will now add in regular veggies and fruits and hope that helps too.

I know I shouldn’t worry and I’m not necessarily – but a little bit of me feelings like a Mommy Failure.  I know that her poor sleeping of late is due to her being hungry and I do give her bottles in the middle of the night, but I never thought it would result in a weight issue.  She *looks* fine to me, so even though she only gained 7 oz, hopefully it’s a non-issue.  If she doesn’t gain weight in the next two weeks, we will have to add-in special “fortified” formula and see if that helps.

Otherwise, Anna is doing well.  She’s a pretty calm baby, but she has learned how to cry and throw a fit when she’s upset or wants something.  The big girls can make her smile and laugh but can also overwhelm her pretty quick, so it’s still a learning process for all of us that way.

Off to get the girlies from daycare… Happy Weekend!


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Janice said...

I totally understand and see where feelings of Mommy Failure are coming from. But anyone who does any pumping deserves a medal!!! Pumping is super super hard if you are a career woman at all!
Lots of Love,